AITC 2023 was sucessfully held in Tianjin, China during 14-16 July, 2023.

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Best Presentations:

Session 1:

Paper ID: PM5012
Paper Title: DistilALHuBERT: A Distilled Parameter Sharing Audio Representation Model
Presenter: Haoyu Wang

Session 2:

Paper ID: PM2007-A
Paper Title: AIoT-based monitoring instrument for long-distance measuring deformation in landslide area using computer vision technology
Presenter: I-Hui Chen

Session 3:

Paper ID: PM5009-A
Paper Title: Enhancing Performance of Multi-Input Neural Networks Using Hadamard product with 64 channels input
Presenter: WonJoong Kim

Session 4:

Paper ID: PM5078
Paper Title: The design of rotation-symmetric Gaussian low-pass filter (RSGLPF) and its applications
Presenter: TONGNAN XIA

Session 5:

Paper ID: PM5008
Paper Title: Research on Cable Tunnel Image Defogging Based on Optimized Contrast Enhancement
Presenter: YUCHAO CAO

Session 6:

Paper ID: PM0002
Paper Title: Multi-scale Siamese Dual Decoding Network for Remote Sensing Tank Image Segmentation
Presenter: Jiashan Liu

Session 7:

Paper ID: PM5033
Paper Title: AWPSO-SAA: A Time Slot Allocation Algorithm for Adaptive Weighted Particle Swarm Optimization
Presenter: Hai Gong

Session 8:

Paper ID: PM5040
Paper Title: Hiding Information in a Well-Trained Vector Quantization Codebook
Presenter: Jui-Chuan Liu