Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of the participants remains the top priority. After careful consideration, AITC 2022 was special arranged into online conference during 4-6 August, 2022.

Invited Speeches:

Dr. Gabriella Casalino, University of Bari, Italy
Speech title: Explainable Stream Data Analysis: A Case Study on Bipolar Disorder Disease

Prof. Feng-Jen Yang, Florida Polytechnic University,USA
Speech title: The Dynamic Lesson Planning within Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Prof. Raja Kumar Murugesan, Taylor’s University, Malaysia
Speech title: Clustering Algorithms for Evolving Multi-Dimensional Data Stream

Group Photo:


Best Presentations:

Session 1:

SL0044 | JinsongWang, Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), China
Title: DOA estimation of unequal power signals in non-ideal electromagnetic environment

Session 2:

SL0009 |FengxiaoShan, Dalian Maritime University, China
Title: Recognitions of collision avoidance for unmanned surface vessels with visible light camera using broad learning system

Session 3:

SL0038 | Ying Zhang, The Third Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security, China
Title: Face Forgery Detection of Deepfake Based on Multiple Convolutional Neural Networks

Session 4:

SL0025 | Koki Kishishita, Division of Information Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
Title: A Proposal of an Improved Maximum Bayes Boundary-Ness Training Method

Session 5:

SL0017 | Yanxue Dai, Dalian Maritime University, China
Title: Real-time route planning of inland water network based on Deep Q_Network

Session 6:

SL0011 | Cong Lin, Dalian Maritime University, China
Title: GMDSS Operation Intelligent Evaluation base on Tree Digraph